In the fall of 2015 we created MÖRKERMYREN, a six piece collection of textile prints, which we exhibited at the Sthlm Furniture & Light Fair 2016.


From hand and scissors to computer, to screen print and back again. The collection is based on the possibillities and limitations of screen printing, and the patterns have been developed through frequent experimenting in the print workshop.


STUDIO MURKLA was formed during one of those rainy days in Gothenburg by print designers Hannah Jervelind and Charlotte Ewing. A multidisciplinary studio that works with illustration, print and textile design, for home interior and public spaces. We also create costume and set design.


Most of our fabrics are screen printed by us. We cherish the small variations, the unevenness that comes from something made by hand and we want to hold on to that. We believe in bold prints, exquisite craftsmanship and bright colours.









are the MÖRKERMYREN family



Mörkermyren is produced with support from KulturUngdom and printed with colours from Mats Künzl. The fabrics are photographed by Hilda Grahnat.