We believe in bold prints,
exquisite craftsmanship
and bright colors


Rhythm and repetition is kind of our thing. We love patterns and can create print design for basically everything. Textile, wall paper, clothing, stationery, porcelain. Anything!


When designing for public spaces, collection is our method. We create a visual narrative inspired by the intended space and let different design elements tell a story together. We specialize in textile but have knowledge and curiosity in various materials.


We like to do things ourselves, by hand. That's why we are running our own production of screen printed interior goods, such as bags, cushion covers, note books and more. 

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STUDIO MURKLA was formed during one of those rainy days in Gothenburg, Sweden, by print designers Hannah Jervelind and Charlotte Ewing. We met at the BA Design programme at HDK, Academy of Design and Crafts, and started working together in 2015.

Studio MURKLA is a multidisciplinary studio that focuses on illustration, print and textile design, for home interior and public spaces. 


We love extending our world into new fields and are always on the lookout for exciting projects and people to collaborate with. It could be set design for a band, an exhibition or a children's book.
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We’re happy to give lectures on any of our favorite topics – our collaborative process, pattern making and screen printing, or to share some of our projects. We also provide workshops for art students and other creatives. We have visited HDK, Hellidens Folkhögskola and Lunnevads Folkhögskola.


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